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Recruitment E-Commerce

Our Proprietary Software Solution

Recruitment Web Applications

No matter the industry you cover, having your jobs seen by candidates is the top priority. Using our proprietary software, your jobs will be able to be seen by more people, with less work.

What comes with this service?

What we offer

Back-end Proprietary Software

Our proprietary software removes all the hassle from posting jobs, and capturing candidates. Everything is integrated from the ground up with your front-end application, and our software utility is simple and easy to use.

Full Design Phase

Your vision is kept at the forefront of the design phase. No matter the amount of iterations, you will be able to quickly see and make alterations before any code get's written. This reduces time wasted, and increases development time on your end product.

Extra Features

Through the development cycle, we can add any specific frontend features your business may require, and as you will be working with the development team behind the main software, we can implement structural changes quickly.

Setup Support

Not tech savvy? No worries. Our software is made to run on any PC, regardless of specification, and we will guide you through the initial setup stages to minimise downtime.

Technical Support

Once you're set up and running, we provide future technical support should it be required. This ranges from fixes, to upgrades, to simple user experience changes.

Online business shop solutions


We use Magento to power our e-commerce solutions. It provides quick and scalable access to powerful commerce frameworks, that can rapidly enhance your business.

What comes with this service?

What we offer

Customisable Extensions

Magento offers a large extension database, where options to upgrade certain parts of your site are accessible and easily installable. Everything can be changed to fit your needs, and vision.

Trusted Commerce Solution

Owned be Adobe, Magento is a world renowned commerce solution, that offers extensive support and limitless opportunities to grow and expand your online store.

Grows with you

Regardless of your current size, this solution will scale with your growth and delivery. Whether its B2B, B2C, or both, everything can be easily scaled to fit your current and future models.