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Recruitment Applications

Level up your recruitment platform

Empower your team by developing your website on our proprietary recruitment platform. We've removed all the hassle, and streamlined the registration process, so you can focus on capturing candidates.

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Full Customisation

We begin with an extensive research phase into your company, brand, and content strategy. This ensures your needs and requirements are met before any line of code is written.

Website Modernisation

To complement our list of backend features, and in line with our research, we will provide a complete front-end redesign of your website using rapid prototyping to find the best fit, fast.

Full Control

Our software handles all aspects of the recruitment process. Taking in candidate registrations, posting and optimising multi-category job listings, and dealing with multiple team members.

GDPR Compliant

Our software is GDPR compliant out of the box, following the strict guidelines set in place to handle your customers data.

Google Integrated

Using multi-category job postings, we are able to automatically create google job listings based on your criteria. This means greater exposure, and individual job postings beyond your main website.

Proprietary Software

Our software is completely proprietary, meaning you'll be working directly with the development team. Removing any middle-men, and vague customer service representatives to deal with.

Your vision, delivered.

We don't force you to fit into a template. We find out the core vision of your company, and develop outwards. Resulting in a unique and recognisable product, designed from day one, to maximise the experience of your users.



Extensive research is conducted to extract objectives, concepts, and the core vision of your company. Being on the same page from day one is essential to the development process.



Rapid prototyping is created at this stage, to efficiently align the design to the requirements. Changes are made often throughout this phase, and the flow of the site is developed.



Once the main concept of design is blueprinted, development begins, integrating our software into your application. Tweaks are made to fit our bespoke features to your requirements.


Growth & Support

Once the main concept of design is blueprinted, development begins, integrating our software into your application. Tweaks are made to fit our bespoke features to your requirements.

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E-Commerce & CMS Based Solutions

Same store, just better

Managing your e-commerce store is a breeze using our Magento CMS applications, with front-end customisation options, and back-end technical assistance.


We provide the backend setup and maintenance, as well as adding features and packages that you may want to enhance your customer experience.


Unique pages, SEO tweaking, and custom design creation are just some examples of the added benefits that come with using our e-commerce service. Realise your true vision with ease.

Small Business Expansion

Magento provides the perfect solution for fast-growing small businesses, as it can be scaled over time in-line with your growth.

Adding extra features, or extensions, is possible at any time using Magento and their large marketplace, enabling integration of new capabilities at any time.

Enables easy expansion to other countries, by making language, currency, and multiple shipping vendors, a breeze to install.

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Previous Projects

Check out detailed case studies (coming soon) of our previous projects, for both recruitment and e-commerce clients.