Wrestling camels in Kusadasi

Camel Wrestling
Camel Wrestling

Yes, you read that right. The Selcuk Camel Wrestling Festival is held in Kusadasi in December or January each year. This is the camels's breeding period, so the camels are naturally aggressive with each other as they compete for females. Camel wrestling used to be widespread, but is now mostly restricted to t the Aegean. The camels are all specially grown and fed to increase their likelihood of winning. The sport is definitely not as bloodthirsty as cockfighting or dog fighting it's entertaining to watch and can often be very funny, as the camels tend to lean on and half-heartedly head butt the other until one gives in and runs away. The sport is declining as only the rich can afford to feed the camels to the required standard. Visiting this festival is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Go along in the morning to get a good seat, and take some warm clothes because this isn't the warmest time of year.

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