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Tuzla Summary
Tuzla is actually situated outside the peninsula, twenty-eight kilometres from Bodrum Town. The lifestyle here is extremely quiet, and compared with other Bodrum towns there is not a lot to do. People come to Tuzla for its wildlife and nature, and its remoteness.

Because it is a new, purpose-built town, there are not yet many facilities and nothing at all in the way of cultural or historic attractions. Apartments and complexes here tend to offer their own services.

A number of new developments have gone up here recently, and a golf course has been built (although it is yet to open). However, visitor numbers are slow to rise and there is a dearth of cheap apartments for sale here.

There are a few holiday home owners here but overall Tuzla's not really suitable for those with young families due to the sedate and remote nature of the area. Because it is so remote it is also not suitable for year-round living.

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Tuzla Average Temperatures
Months: Jan - March April - June July - Sep Oct - Dec
Average Temperature: 12° 23° 31° 18°

Like the rest of the peninsula, Tuzla enjoys a long, hot and dry summer. During the winter Tuzla's famous wetlands become even wetter, with the bulk of the annual rainfall arriving during this season.

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