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Is Bodrum or Kalkan better for a home in Turkey

Should you buy a home in Kalkan or would a property in Bodrum be more suitable? All depends on what you are after. Are you merely after real estate investment in Turkey or looking for a lifestyle choice? Do you fancy small intimate places, where life rotates around a small antique harbour as well as your very own pool or would you rather have more colour and diversity, some sailing or may be lots of it, a bit of island hopping. Are you looking for a year round home in Turkey or just a few weeks holiday in the sun with plenty of rental income rest of the summer season? Should you go for Bodrum or Kalkan? .... read more


New KDV tax up to 18% uplift in Turkish property prices

New KDV tax rate increase in Turkey may mean up to 18% increase in property prices. Cameron Deggin of Place Overseas points out how potential investors may escape this in the short - medium term by investing selectively in Istanbul .... read more


Turkish real estate market grows 1.5 percent in 2012

Turkish real estate market continues to post year on year growth .... read more


Turkish property continues impressive month on month growth

Turkish property prices are growing on a monthly basis, posting impressive numbers in a market otherwise hit hard by the worldwide financial crisis. .... read more


Turkey courts $10 billion in property investment

Real estate companies are trying to attract European, Middle Eastern and Asian buyers. .... read more


Turkish property prices up 13% year on year in 2012

A new study by the Turkish Central Bank into Turkish property prices has revealed that for the year 2012, Turkish property price index is set to go up by 13%. .... read more


Istanbul third airport set to be built in Terkos Lake area

The Mayor of Istanbul has revealed that the anticipated third airport in the city is set to be built in the Terkos Lake area of Istanbul. .... read more


Russian and Arab investors see Istanbul property market as the New London

Rich Arab and Russian investors are turning their backs on the London property market in favour of the fast developing and growing Istanbul property market in Turkey. .... read more


Enormous growth in housing market bolstered by demand

Turkish property prices have increased by double digits for five consecutive quarters. .... read more


Turkey property boom analysis, years of hard work paying off

If you think it is an accident that Turkey is booming while Europe is sinking, you are wrong. The current Turkish real estate market is hot for investors with great return on investment, excellent rental yields, and year on year growth. .... read more


Turkey to hit USD 20 Billion Foreign Direct Investment in 2012

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Turkey is expected to top more than USD 20 billion before the end of 2012. .... read more


Who can buy property in Turkey, a complete rundown of the new Reciprocity Law

Turkey has finalised the terms of the much awaited reciprocity law which eases the buying process for foreign nationals looking to buy property in Turkey. .... read more


New Turkish reciprocity law sees real estate sales rise DRAMATICALLY

The Turkish property market has reached record levels in May 2012 as USD 1.1 billion dollars worth of real estate was sold to foreign nationals. .... read more


Turkey edges ahead of Olympics for summer holiday spends

Turkey offers alternative holiday destination as London 2012 costs rocket .... read more


Turkish Reciprocity law approved by President opens Title Deeds, TAPU, for all nationals

Long awaited reciprocity law finally arrives removing restrictions on Title Deed, TAPU, acquisitions by Middle East, GCC, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan .... read more


Turkish property prices on the rise

Turkey property prices rose in March - especially in super centre Istanbul. .... read more


Turkey to debate property reciprocity law

Turkish Environment and Urbanisation Minister, Erdogan Bayraktar has stated that the draft law which allows nationals of foreign nations to purchase and own property in Turkey is set to be debated in Turkey in the early days of 2012. .... read more


2011 Turkey property market review Cameron Deggin

Turkish real estate sector has experienced a boom in 2011, coming to the front as the first choice for overseas home buyers and overtaking previous hot spots such as Spain and Italy as a favourite investment destination. .... read more


Turkey to leave the sinking EU before it was even invited

As the European Union seemingly crumbles under the weight of the economic crisis that is engulfing country after country, questions have arisen, does Turkey NEED the EU? Or does the EU NEED Turkey? .... read more


British the most popular buyers of property in Turkey

Statistics from the Land Registry Directorate General has shown that there are a total of 123,000 foreign people in Turkey that own a total of 113,687 properties in Turkey. .... read more

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