Turkish Airlines targets 38 million passengers for 2012

  Date posted: 11th of May 2012

Turkish national airline carrier, Turkish Airlines (THY) are targeting 38 million passengers in 2012 along with total revenue of $7.8 billion, this represents a growth increase of 17 percent for passengers and 20 percent in revenue for the company.

CEO of the company, Temel Kotil said that THY expected to finished 2011 with close to 33 million total passengers and revenue of $7 billion.

Kotil said that the total number of flights from Europe had taken a hit due to the economic struggles of some countries as travellers look to cheaper airlines. But Kotil noted that these airlines offer travelling conditions not fit for some travellors, the CEO said: “THY attracted extra passengers because they always strive to do more.”


However Kotil feels that more travellers in Europe will fly with Turkish Airlines due to the conditions THY offers and the extensive network that THY cover, Kotil said: “We expect the number of flights operated by European airlines will continue to decrease in 2012 and this will be beneficial for THY as more passengers prefer to fly with us since we have a great network of flights to locations all around the world.”


Kotil went on: “As THY begins operating flights to more locations and offering tickets that are 30-40 percent cheaper than those of competitors, it attracts more travellers.”