Turkish Airlines Dubai volume triples since 2010 says Place Overseas

  Date posted: 4th of December 2014

Business between Turkey and Dubai is booming, resulting in the volume of flights on the route tripling since 2010.

Profits between the Dubai-Turkey route saw a three-fold rise on 2010, resulting in the city being the most profitable in THY’s regional network with total profits coming in at 21.5 million Euros for the year. Place Overseas notes that specifically, the airline has seen a 16 percent growth in business class passenger revenue between Istanbul and Dubai alone as more Arabs see the potential of the Istanbul real estate market.

General Manager for Turkish Airlines in Dubai, Ayse Misirli Mirza said that Dubai-Istanbul flight routes currently run twice daily and last year, the airline carried more than 332,719 passengers to the UAE – Turkey also recently opened a new sales office in Emaar Square to meet the demand for travelling to Turkey.

HE Sefik Vural Altay, Turkey’s ambassador to the UAE said: “I’m sure in the months and years to come, Turkish Airlines will fly more often to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.”

Business relations between Turkey and the UAE are continually improving in joint business ventures and investment between both nations. Just last week saw a meeting between the Chairman of the Al Habtoor Group of Dubai and the Consul General of Turkey to discuss business interests between Turkey and the UAE.

It is not just business between Turkey and Dubai that is booming, Turkish Airlines on a whole is growing at a phenomenal rate to become one of the largest air carriers in the world. Continuous year on year growth coupled with an ever-expanding number of flights and passengers has led to Turkish Airlines being voted the best airline in Europe for two years in a row at the Skytrax World Airline Awards.

As for future plans? The plan is simple – Turkish Airlines wants, and are aiming, to be the biggest airline in the world. Turkey recently revealed plans to build the world’s largest airport, to compete with the rising number of passengers arriving in Turkey, and used as the largest business transfer hub in the region.

Formed in 2003, the airline has grown from a small 10 million-passenger airline to a huge global network of over 200 destinations, over 38 million passengers per year, and billions in revenues. All this coinciding with the impressive growth of Turkey’s economy over the last 10 years being second only to China in terms of growth to become a global hotspot for investment, hence the reason for Arabs flocking to Turkey for business where chances for success are higher than in previous favourite European investment spots.

While other European airlines are riddled with debt and mounting costs to stay afloat, Turkish Airlines Chief Executive Temel Kotil has one ambition, speaking during an interview last year, saying: “Very soon we will become the largest network in the world. The purpose is very clear: like the silk road, we are linking everywhere to Istanbul.” Just like the famous saying ‘all roads lead to Rome’, well in business, the prosperous silk road leads to one city – Istanbul.