Turkey's EU bid is top priority, says EU commissioner

  Date posted: 15th of March 2010

Stefan Fule wrote in a Hurriyet Daily News column that Turkey has always been important to the EU in terms of its location, size and strategic orientation. Turkey"s affiliation with Europe has already been proved by the country’s choice of leaders, its continuing modernisation, its membership of several European organisations and Istanbul’s selection this year as the 2010 European Capital of Culture.

Fule said the Turkey"s ties with the EU have also been cemented by the free exchange of goods with the rest of the EU – in fact, the EU is Turkey’s biggest trading partner, while Turkey is the EU’s seventh most important trading partner.

However, the commissioner said there is still work to be done. The deadlock over Cyprus needs to be addressed. Reforms need to be made, and laws reinforcing the rights of Turkey’s citizens need to be strengthened.

But he believes these obstacles can be overcome.

“I am convinced we can turn this around, from a vicious circle into a virtuous one, provided there is political will of all actors involved,” he said. “I know it takes courage and determination to do so, but I believe none is in short supply in Turkey.”

Turkey"s EU membership would be great news for potential buyers – property prices will no doubt rise and the country will become even more desirable as a holiday destination.

Potential investors would do well to get in before the inevitable price hike. Property in the Antalya region, where property in Kalkan, Belek, Side and Alanya is gaining popularity, and property in Fethiye and Bodrum is also steadily rising in price.