Investing in Turkish real estate

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Hotel management in Turkey and rental agreements

How to manage a hotel in Turkey? Do you appoint a management company to run with it, rent it out to a third party operator or borrow a brand... .... read more


Turkey Property HotSpots

Place Overseas looks at Turkey property hotspots, best places to invest in Turkish real estate for maximum capital growth and profit - Istanbul, Bodrum, Antalya and Fethiye .... read more


Purchasing property in Turkey with foreign capital company

Foreign capital companies refer to limited companies registered in Turkey with foreign individuals as shareholders effectively owned by foreign individuals. Such companies can purchase real estate in Turkey .... read more


Turkish Law applicable to foreign nationals buying property in Turkey

Article 35 of the land registry law in Turkey regulates affairs of foreign nationals purchasing property in Turkey. The law was amended in May 2012 with additions and changes to the list of countries whose citizens can purchase Turkish real estate .... read more


Turkey Property Mortgages

Mortgages are now available for Turkish properties from a select number of European and Turkish lenders. Our recommended sources are Denizbank in Turkey and BNP Paribas of France.  In addition DHB of Netherlands and major Turkish banks offer finance for purchasing Turkish real estate at v .... read more


Property investment tips and major regions

Source: The Property Investor Whats behind the Rise in Turkey Property Investments? Turkish Property Market has everything going for it. Recent reforms me .... read more


Sample Power of Attorney Document

Please see below a sample power of attorney document given in Bodrum, Turkey Power of Attorney To act on our/my behalf within the borders of Mugla City, Mugla city towns, centers, villages, neighbourhoods to purchase on our/my behalf, or any kind .... read more


Turkey property inspection trips

The last stage of buying your ideal home or property investment in Turkey starts with a carefully planned property inspection trip itinerary.   This is after we have built a solid rapport with you and short-l .... read more


Property Purchase Process in Turkey

Ho to go about buying property in Turkey as recommended by Turkish real estate agents Place Overseas. From inspection trip to obtaining your title deed for your new home in Turkey. Read our safe and tested process. .... read more


Turkey property owners' liabilities and utilities

What liabilities does a foreign property owner have? As the owner of a property in Turkey, you are liable for any injuries resulting from inadequate construction or negligence. If your building falls down due to inadequate construction, the owner is liable for damages. .... read more


Tax evasion

Avoiding tax evasion Turkish law states that property owners must declare The actual property value to their local TAPU office The actual price paid by the buyer If you do not declare the correct amounts, you are lik .... read more


Turkish property taxes, tax on rental income and property insurance

Basic property taxes When you purchase property in Turkey, the following compulsory taxes and insurances apply: Income tax (this is based on rental income and capital gains) Inheritance tax VAT (if there is a commercial .... read more


Important checks when buying property in Turkey; property tax debts, planning consents, habitation certificates, etc.

Overdue property tax debts It is crucial to find out whether the present property owner owes the tax department any Real Estate Tax. Turkish property regulations state that the incoming owner is responsible for these debts. Make sure you put a clause into the sale contr .... read more


The complete guide to TAPU (Turkish property title deeds)

TAPU is the official document that shows property ownership. It contains the owners full name and photo, and details on the property. TAPU glossary of terms   Ana Gayrimenkulun .... read more


Property purchase contracts in Turkey

Things you should expect to see on your property purchase contract in Turkey .... read more


Granting power of attorney in Turkey

Delegating authority Because buying property in Turkey involves several steps, its a good idea to appoint an agent to deal with any transactions you need to complete, especially if you e planning to complete the sale process from your home country. In order to grant pow .... read more


Do I need a solicitor to buy property in Turkey?

Should I hire a solicitor? It is not compulsory to hire a solicitor if you want to buy property in Turkey, but since it is a lengthy process with a lot of important transactions, a cautious buyer will consult a solicitor who will provide advice on legal, financial and p .... read more


Who can buy property in Turkey?

Updated 31 October 2012:  In May 2012, Turkish reciprocity law regulating who can buy property in Turkey and who can't was revised to allow an additional list of countries, whose citizens can buy land and property in Turkey.  In addition, certain restrictions and conditions were .... read more


Turkey property taxes

Compared to most other overseas home destinations, including France, Spain and Italy for sure, taxes applied on purchasing property in Turkey are minimal.  This is not only the case upon buying the property but ongoing taxes levied on income generated from your property in Turkey are also .... read more

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