Turkey property owners' liabilities and utilities


What liabilities does a foreign property owner have?

As the owner of a property in Turkey, you are liable for any injuries resulting from inadequate construction or negligence. If your building falls down due to inadequate construction, the owner is liable for damages. However, if your property has been built in accordance with earthquake and construction regulations, you will be covered.

Like anywhere, it is advisable you purchase home and contents insurance.

Under Flat Ownership Law, owners of an apartment or house that is part of a complex have certain responsibilities. Communal areas are the responsibility of a board, the members of which are chosen by the property owner, and are responsible for any decisions on issues like the maintenance, refurbishment and heating of communal areas. These costs are shared by the owners.


When you gain ownership of a property, it is recommended you contact electricity, gas and water companies immediately to set up accounts in your name. If you are to rent your property, ensure your tenants sign up with these utility companies in their own names.

Water supply is the responsibility of your municipality. Water use is metered and you will be charged according to use.

Natural gas is available only in limited cities. Gas central heating is standard in these cities. Cities without natural gas usually choose to have communal or electric heating. In coastal areas solar heating and boiling systems are popular.

Costs of course vary, but the average Turkish resident spends between £50 and £200 each month. Banks can set up direct debits for payments for utilities, and if you’re living outside of Turkey you can employ property management companies to assist you. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our property management services.