Turkey 2012 budget to create 90,000 extra jobs

  Date posted: 11th of May 2012

As many other major European countries face an economic crisis as debt mounts and jobs become scarcer, Turkey has announced plans to increase its 2012 budget and create an extra 90,000 jobs in Turkey.

Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Simsek said the Turkish government want to increase its 2012 central government budget by 12.25 percent over the 2011 budget; the 90,000 extra jobs will benefit the public sector. The budget for expenditures in 2012 is expected to be announced at 350.9 billion Turkish Liras, compared with 312.6 billion Turkish Liras in 2011.

Simsek said: “The 2012 budget is one that aims to increase savings, decrease the foreign account deficit, focus on economic and social progress, improve the public finance balances and allocate resources to investments that will allow our country to take steps forward.”

The Finance Ministry is set to be the biggest receiver of the budget with 88.5 billion Liras, the Education Ministry will receive 39.2 billion Liras and 8.8 billion Liras has been allocated for a new category Family and Social Policy Ministry.