Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace
Topkapi Palace

This palace was originally a summer residence and the seat of government. At one time, it was home to harem, military personnel and state administration, holding around 3000 residents. You can catch a glimpse of its former glory by admiring the treasury jewels, ceremonial robes and ceramics, beautiful examples of Ottoman decadence. The harem, which once held 300 concubines, is available to tour but you'll need a guide and a separate ticket.

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Distance to surrounding areas:

0km to
Istanbul City Centre

2 Bed Apartment - £150,000 / €169,500
3 Bed Villa with pool - £1,000,000 / €1,130,000
15km to
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2 Bed Apartment - £60,000 / €67,800
3 Bed Villa with pool - £300,000 / €339,000

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