The complete guide to TAPU (Turkish property title deeds)


TAPU is the official document that shows property ownership. It contains the owners full name and photo, and details on the property.

TAPU glossary of terms

Ana Gayrimenkulun Description and location of the property
Ada No Plot number
dm2 Square decimetres
Ha Hectare
Ilcesi Borough or district
Ili Province
Koyu Village
m2 Square metres
Mahallesi Parish
Mevkii Place
Niteligi Feature (what the land is presently used for)
Pafta No Pafta number
Parsel No Parcel number
Sokagi Street, road
Yuzolcumu The area of the land (you can measure this by adding the Ha, m2 and dm2 together)
Kat mulkiyeti Ownership of a ready-made independent property (apartment, house, office etc)
Kat irtifaki Ownership of a property that is not yet ready for use (due to construction work or the fact licences have not yet been granted)
Devre mulk Timed/fractional ownership (when the property is owned for a certain time period annually)
Bagimsiz Bolum Information about the independent unit on the property
Arsa payi Land share (the amount of land that belongs to the property)
Bagimsiz Blm No Independent unit number
Blok No Block number (ie, house number)
Edinme sebebi The name of the buyer and the reason why it is being bought/sold
Kat No Floor number
Sahibi The name(s) of the present owner(s). If more than one person owns the property, their shares are to be shown in this part of the document. Shares should be shown as part of the proportion of the land.

E.g., If a flat has the ownership of 10/543 of the land on which the property is based, and that property is owned by four people named AB, BC, CD and DE with shares of 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% respectively,
these individuals will be shown on TAPU like this:
AB: ab: 1/543 hisse
BC: bc: 2/543 hisse
CD: cd: 3/543 hisse
DE: de: 4/543 hisse
Hisse means share and ab, cd and de are the names of the individuals fathers.

The rest of the TAPU is for official use only.

The TAPU must be sealed with an official stamp in the central bottom area, and the section needs to be signed by a TAPU official.

Photographs of the owners must be affixed to the top right of the TAPU. The photographs must be stamped and signed by a TAPU official.

How can I check the details?

To check whether a property does indeed belong to the owner in question can be certified using the pictures and the names that appear on the TAPU. If the TAPU is a photocopy, ensure it has been notarised by a notary public. This is vital to ensure the TAPU is legitimate. To check the legitimacy of the names on the TAPU, ask to see the sellers ID card and check this against the document.

Check with a civil engineering office to ensure that the coordinates of the property, as listed on the TAPU, are correct.

You can also ask the TAPU official to make an annotation on the document to prohibit any unsolicited ownership transactions. This means the property cannot be sold or transferred to third parties.