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Sovalye island Summary
Sovalye Island is one of Turkey’s best kept secrets; it is simply breathtaking and not for those in Turkey for a piece of the nightlife. This paradise is for those looking for a peaceful location to reflect and recharge, with views such as these, there is no better way to become one with nature.

Why buy a property in Sovalye Island?
Being on Sovalye Island is like a step back in time; it is probably one of the few places in Turkey with no roads meaning no cars, just winding paths through tall pine trees.

What is there to do on Sovalye Island?
A leisurely walk from end to end takes 45-minute or so, about an hour by canoe or two hours if you decide to swim. Its coastline is dotted with sand and shingle coves. In the crystal-clear warm water you can make out ruins of earlier settlements dating back to late Roman times.

The island's sandy coastline, carob and olive trees, bougainvillea and jasmine combine with the peace and quiet to create a truly magical place.

Overall impression of Sovalye Island:
When on Sovalye Island, you will not be mistaken for thinking you are cut off completely but should you decide you need to be around people, you can be in the bustling town of Fethiye in a few minutes by boat. There you can find all the fancy restaurants, shops and tourist trappings you like.

Sovalye Island property also offers the rare opportunity to buy a beachfront property with private mooring.

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Sovalye Island Average Temperatures
Months: Jan - March April - June July - Sep Oct - Dec
Average Temperature: 13° 25° 35° 17°

Sovalye Island, like the rest of the region, experiences long, hot and dry summers, with temperatures reaching 40 degrees at times. The winters are mild and wet.

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