This very pretty town defied its former name of 'Ugly'.
This very pretty town defied its former name of 'Ugly'.

This charming Orthadox village is twelve kilometres away from Ephesus and thirty kilometres from Kusadasi.

The village was once called Cirkince ('ugly') by its inhabitants. Their reasoning was outsiders would be put off by the name and stay out of their pretty village. It didn't work. Visitors to the area were charmed by the quaint village and it was renamed Sirince ('pretty').

The village architecture is unique. You will notice that all the buildings are in the Greek style; this is because the Greeks once inhabited the area. After the Turkish War of Independence ended in 1923 there was a population swap - the Greeks moved out, and the Turks moved in. Some of these houses are open to tourists, so you'll have a chance to find out that while the houses look Greek outside, inside they are Turkish.

Located at the top of a mountain, visitors to Sirince can gaze down upon orchards full of peach trees, and extensive vinyards. Women sell handicrafts, olive oil and produce along the village's narrow streets, and you can buy the area's wine at many of the small cafes.

The area is developing quickly, but Sirince is trying hard to preserve its authenticity - and keep the village true to its name.

If you?re travelling to Sirince from Kusadasi you can take the regular Selcuk minibus from the station in the Centrum, or from the central bus station. Once you reach Selcuk, you can take a minibus to Sirince.

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