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Side Summary
Where is Side?
Side (pronounced see-deh and meaning 'pomegranate'), is a beautiful coastal resort on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Side is fifteen kilometres east of Antalya city, on a small peninsula that is just 800 metres long.

Why buy a property in Side?
There are a growing number of expats living in Side who have moved here for the year-round lifestyle and community atmosphere. Summer is a busy time in Side and the area lights up, but in winter there's still plenty to do.

Most expats you'll meet in Side hail from the UK, Germany or Russia. This mix means the town has a cosmopolitan feel. It's also popular with Turks who work in Antalya but prefer to live in Side and commute each day.

What is there to do in Side?
Side is a flat town, which means its properties do not have sea views. However, in this pretty town, modern architecture, chic shops and late-night bars stand side by side with the ruins of ancient civilizations, particularly Roman ruins that still stand proud after thousands of years. Surrounded by two stretches of golden beaches, sparkling waters and archaeological wonders, Side has become one of the most popular holiday resorts for international visitors.

Overall impression of Side
New constructions are well planned to preserve Side's ancient character and many Roman ruins such as the Roman Amphitheatre, city walls and the Hellenistic gate.

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The resort town of Side booms in the summer, but in the winter it dies down considerably. Side has become much more popular over the last ten years as more and more tourists head to the area and more locals cater towards the visitors. Visitors to the area come from the UK, Germany, Russia and other European countries.
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Side Average Temperatures
Months: Jan - March April - June July - Sep Oct - Dec
Average Temperature: 18° 24° 35° 21°

Located on a small peninsula, Side can experience some very hot summers, with temperatures sometimes rising up to around 40 degrees celsius. Winters are mild and the temperature usually doesn't drop below 6 degrees, and it is only that cold for a very short time. Most of Side's annual rainfall occurs during the winter months.

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