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Sarigerme Summary
Sarigerme's another of Turkey's hidden gems. Well off the beaten track, the tiny village of Sarigerme provides an insight into Turkey's traditions and heritage, away from tourist crowds.

Situated on the Mediterranean Coast, the name of the village is a slight misnomer. Sarigerme is the name of the beach; the village itself (about a kilometre from the beach) is called Osmaniye. However, over time the village itself has become known as Sarigerme. Confused? Well, never mind. Whatever they're called, the town and beach exert a unique charm of their own.

If you love the beach, Sarigerme's seven kilometres of sand will really appeal. The sea is a beautiful shade of blue and there are a number of water sports available, from jet skiing to parasailing. The refreshing breeze that comes off the water means that you won't overheat. If you need a break from the hot sands head to the shady picnic area behind the beach.

The main street of Sarigerme (or Osmaniye) becomes busy over the summer, and its shops, bars and restaurants fill up with tourists and locals.

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Sarigerme Average Temperatures
Months: Jan - March April - June July - Sep Oct - Dec
Average Temperature: 13° 34° 33° 14°

Sarigerme enjoys long, hot and dry summers and mild, wet winters - in short, a superb place for a long summer holiday. It can get very hot in the summer though - temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees, so take care in the midday heat.

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