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Sarigerme Main Attractions

Dalyan Delta

The Dalyan Delta is one of Turkey's most amazing natural phenomena. At the delta's head lies the mystical Lake Koycegiz harbour, which forms a natural harbour. Over thousands of years, natural silting has resulted in a labyrinth of reedy streams ... read more

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Dalyan's rock tombs

Along with the region's loggerhead turtles, these ancient rock tombs have become a symbol of Dalyan. There are a number of rock tombs in the area, but the most spectacular and well known are the tombs which face Dalyan town from across the river. ... read more

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Bird watching in Dalyan

Dalyan abounds with magnificent birds. Expect to see: White throated robins,Masked shrikes, Hobbys, Red-footed falcons, Rollers, Bee-eaters, White storks, Black-headed wagtails, Red-rumped swallows, Lesser kestrels, Alpine swifts, Scops owls, White t ... read more

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Dalyan mud baths

Immersing yourself in mud does seem a rather odd exercise, but Dalyan's top attraction brings visitors from all over the region. Once you've had enough of wallowing, hippo-style, in the mud, sit in the sun and wait for the mud to dry on your skin. Th ... read more

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Shopping in Sarigerme

The Sunday market gives visitors a good opportunity to experience local life, from feasting on local produce to haggling with stall holders, you can buy some quality goods at a great price. Just remember to strike a bargain. ... read more

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Ruins of Caunos

According to legend, The King of the Caria, Milletos became father to two twins. The male twin was given the name 'Caunos', and the baby girl was named 'Byblis'. When the twins grew up, they fell in love. This secret affair was only discovered when t ... read more

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Turkish Riviera, aka the Turquoise Coast

The Turkish Riviera, also known as the Turquoise Coast, covers south west Turkey, stretching from east of Alanya in the Mediterranean coast of Turkey to Cesme in the Aegean coast of Turkey, to the north of the well known tourist resort of Bodrum. Tur ... read more

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Hilton Dalaman Golf and Spa resort

Last year Hilton Hotel Corp along with some developers started working on this major project of Hilton Worldwide Resort, near Sarigerme. This Sarigerme golf course with 18 hole championship course has five star luxury accommodation, 9 hole golf acade ... read more

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Butterfly Valley

This charming valley just two miles from Oludeniz is accessible only by sea, making it a secluded and enchanting spot. Here, you can spot almost every species of Mediterranean coastal butterfly and moth. From June to December, colourful butterflies s ... read more

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