Russian tourists to Turkey poised to overtake Germans

  Date posted: 2nd of May 2012

Every year the number of Russians travelling to Turkey has increased. Soon, they will overtake the Germans - who are currently the top foreign visitors to Turkey.

2011 saw 3.5 million Russian tourists visit the country, while German tourists reached 4.8 million.

While most countries saw a sharp drop in tourist numbers last year, Turkey saw a 15 per cent increase from 2010, with 31.5 million tourists visiting. President of Turkey's Tourism Investors Foundation Turgut Gur said Turkey's top qualty facilities and services mean its reputation has spread throughout the world.

“All our early reservations are completely booked. We have not been affected by the European economic crisis. We see an increase in tourism revenues from Lebanon, Russia and Kazakhstan, countries unaffected by the crisis,” Gur said.

He added that Russians tend to visit Turkey's Mediterranean region, favouring Antalya.