Rise in Istanbul tourist numbers help boost sale of properties in Istanbul

  Date posted: 11th of May 2012

Istanbul attracted visitors from almost all over the world with Germany topping the list, followed by Russia, Iran, Britain and France. 

According to official figures, tourist numbers in Istanbul rose by more than 60,000 to 554,144 in March 2011 compared to 489,884 in March 2010.

People visit Istanbul for many reasons but it is not a big stretch to think that with Istanbul fast becoming a global business hub, more business people are relocating to the city. This means there is a high demand for Istanbul homes.

In a statement, Istanbul Culture & Tourism Directorate said visitor arrivals by air increased 17.8 percent in March when compared with the same month last year. Also tourist arrivals by sea showed an increase of 23.8 percent in the same month. Overall the number of tourists visiting Istanbul has reached 1.36 million in first three months of the year.

Istanbul is the fastest growing city in Turkey as both tourists and business travellers flock to the city but they are not the only ones. Residents from other parts of Turkey are also flocking to Istanbul in a bid to find employment, this is no surprise as Istanbul has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, it has averaged a 7.5% per annum growth over the past five years.

Savvy investors are taking advantage of the continuous popularity of Istanbul to invest, helping boost the sale of Istanbul real estate. This is no coincidence as investing in Istanbul is always a good a good idea; they come with first class facilities, are close to excellent amenities, they are cheaper than properties in the rest of Europe and thanks to a growing population are practically rent guaranteed.