Restoration of Antalya's Kaleici marina to attract more Antalya property buyers

  Date posted: 21st of February 2011

The new plan which aims to revive the historical and natural values of the Kaleiçi marina includes panoramic elevators, wooden walking paths and viewing terraces.

This new marina will not only boost the economy of the local community but it will also boost the request for more Antalya properties. The two other marinas in Antalya already attract a lot of marine tourism into the area; it also attracts high end foreign Antalya property buyers who love sailing.

Experts in Turkey properties and tourism sector welcome this development because Antalya has been a popular tourist destination for some time now, with its 640 km of Mediterranean coast, some 300 five-star hotels and 10 million tourists it hosts every year, it is clearly irresistible and this new development is seen as a way to boost Antalya’s popularity even more.

This new development is also good news for Turkey owners because if you buy a luxury Antalya villa for rental purposes or buy it because you want to move to Turkey. Whatever the reason you cannot lose; your Turkey investment will provide and sturdy stream of income or the perfect place to retire.