Rafting Koprucay and the Koprulu National Park

Sheer adrenaline on the Koprucay River.
Sheer adrenaline on the Koprucay River.

Koprucay River winds its way down from the Taurus Mountains. Forging its way through a number of striking canyons, the flow is fed by underground springs, becoming a mighty river that eventually empties into the Mediterranean Sea. This river is known around Turkey and the world as a prime rafting spot, and a number of tour operators offer rafting trips and even more adventurous activities among the canyons and gorges.

The Koprucay forms the backbone of one of Turkey's most beautiful recreation areas, enhanced by the scattering of ruins and artefacts along the riverbank. The Koprulu Canyon National Park covers 36,000 hectares, including part of the river. It's also home to Turkey's largest forest of Mediterranean Cypresses, which in turn house deer, goats, boars, bears, wolves, foxes, rabbits and a huge variety of birdlife. In the river itself, red speckled trout rub shoulders with the grey mullet.

Koprucay is reached from Antalya via Serik, Tasag?l and Beskonak. Those coming from Manavgat can reach Beskonak via Tasagil. The asphalt road to Beskonak follows the Koprucay in various places.

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