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Princes Islands Istanbul Maps
Princes Islands Istanbul Maps
Buyukada also known as Princess island
Istanbul Islands
Buyukada and Heybeliada of Princess islands Istanbul
Heybeliada of Princess Islands istanbul
Kinaliada Streets still authentic
Princess Islands Istanbul Typical street view
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Princess island Summary
The Princes Islands are a collection of nine islands off the coast of Istanbul in the Sea of Marmara opposite the Asian banks of Istanbul. They consist of four larger islands, Buyukada (also referred to as The Princess Island) with an area of 5.46 km2, Heybeliada (meaning Saddlebag Island) with an area of 2.4 km2, Burgazada with an area of 1.5 km2, Kinaliada (meaning Henna Island) with an area of 1.3 km2, and five much smaller ones, Sedef Adasi, Yassiada, Sivriada, Kasik Island and Tavsan Adasi.

During the summer months the Princess Islands are popular destinations for day trips from Istanbul. As there is no traffic on the Islands, the only transport being horse and cart, they are incredibly peaceful compared with the city of Istanbul. They are just a short ferry ride from Istanbul, with ferries departing from Bostanci, Kartal and Maltepe on the Asian side, and from Kabatas on the European side.

During the Byzantine period, princes and other royalty were exiled on the islands, and later members of the Ottoman sultans family were exiled there too, giving the islands their present name. They were taken by the Ottoman fleet during the siege of Constantinople in 1453. During the nineteenth century, the islands became a popular resort for Istanbul' wealthy, and Victorian era cottages and houses are still preserved on the largest of the Princes Islands.

The islands have become more and more ethnically Turkish in character due to the influx of wealthy Turkish jetsetters, a process which began in the first days of the Turkish Republic when the British Yacht Club on Buyukada was appropriated as Anadolu Kulubu, for Turkish parliamentarians to enjoy Istanbul in the summer. The islands are an interesting anomaly because they allow for a very rare, albeit incomplete, insight into a multicultural society in modern Turkey, possibly alike to the multicultural society that once existed during the Ottoman Empire in places such as nearby Istanbul/Constantinople.

Prior to the 1950s, each of the inhabited islands had significant communities of ethnic minorities of Turkey, which is only the case to a much smaller extent. Since the vast majority of the residents and visitors are Turkish, today their legacy is of cultural rather than of demographic importance.

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