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Israel compensate Turkey for Gaza Flotilla raid

Israel Turkey Diplomatic Conflict Reverses After Israel agrees to a formal apology and compensation for the Gaza Flotilla raid of 31 May 2010, where 8 Turkish nationals and one American national was killed. Another victory for Turkish politics and a steeper graph for positive cash-flows. Someone knows exactly what cards to play and when.... .... read more


Turkey's finance upgrade heralds new investment era

Turkey's return to investment grade territory has bolstered confidence. .... read more


Obama victory heralds new future for Turkey

Obama's second term could mean new links forged with turkey. .... read more


Turkey and United States commission to meet in Ankara

The seventh annual meeting between the Turkey and United States Economic Partnership Commission will take place in Ankara today in Turkey. .... read more

You are viewing results 1 to 4 of 4 1 
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