Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island is a serene and beautiful spot.
Pigeon Island is a serene and beautiful spot.

This striking island is a symbol of Kusadasi. Beloved of migrating birds (hence the name), Pigeon Island lights up each evening as the sun sets, highlighting its dramatic aspect.

In Ottoman times, the island shared a name with the town - Kusadasi, which meant "Bird Island". But eventually the island became known to all as Pigeon Island. During Ottoman times the island was a military stronghold, as its location was crucial to preventing attacks from the sea. The crumbling castle that stands on the rocks is known as "Pirate Castle," thanks to its efficacy in warding off the marine marauders.

Pigeon Island is connected to the mainland by a causeway. Stroll across to the island on a sunny day and enjoy a picnic within the castle walls. It is a beautiful and peaceful place to watch the boats sailing across the waters. If you are after something more entertaining, head to one of the restaurants by the shore and sample the local specialities - make sure you try the local seafood dishes.

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