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Konacik sits on the foundations of the ancient settlement of Pedesa. Once small, Konacik has attracted a number of business developments along its main road, and this successful commerce has meant the village has expanded, meaning that today its borders kiss those of Bodrum Town's.

Konacik property is in demand by investors – thanks to its proximity to Bodrum Town and its transport links. Sitting on the main road that connects Bodrum to other important points around the peninsula, it's extremely easy to travel just about anywhere on the Bodrum peninsula from Konacik.

There are a number of good restaurants and plenty of shops in Konacik so you can live here quite comfortably all year round, unlike some of the other, less populous Bodrum centres.

The area was once very famous for wine growing, and you can still see some ancient vineyards as you stroll back from the centre of town.
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