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Where is Kemer?
Southwest of Antalya, Kemer's coastline stretches for over fifty kilometres. It is an important tourist resort with lots to offer, not least its beaches, clear seas and 300 days of sunshine each year.

Why buy a property in Kemer?
Kemer is a relatively new town, clean and well-planned. Not long ago, it was just a small village, with a small harbour and a few scattered houses. Although despite its newfound popularity, it has retained its charm, especially Old Kemer, with its old houses and long-established locals.

What is there to do in Kemer?
There's a beautiful marina with a yacht club, restaurant and a theatre, and the area is becoming popular with yachties from far and wide.

Something that attracts expats in large numbers to Kemer is its year-round living. Kemer's beaches attract holidaymakers from all around the world during the summer, and in winter skiers flock to the area to experience the superb skiing in the nearby mountains.

A couple of Kemer's beaches are pure sand; however, the majority are pebbly. Nature lovers will love the unspoilt natural surroundings, such as the small bays, the green pine forests, the orange and lemon groves, the picturesque backdrop of the Taurus Mountains and the magnificent views.

Overall impression of Kemer:
Many wealthy people choose to live in upmarket Kemer, and the properties are on the luxurious side - so it's a good place for an investment property.

There are a few villages around Kemer, they are described below:


Five kilometres south of Kemer, Camyuva is renowned for its lemon and orange groves. The village is a popular holiday spot, due to its resorts, pine forest, the blue-flag beaches, and proximity to Tahtali's snow. Camyuva's natural beauty is well preserved, and most of the buildings have a two-storey maximum to keep the town unspoilt.


Tekirova is seventeen kilometres south of Kemer, and is a popular holiday destination. The air is full of the scent of orange groves and pine forests. There are excellent hotels and facilities and clean bays, and it is very popular with scuba divers. You can see the magical view of Tahtali Mountain from this village.


Beldibi is ten kilometres north of Kemer, with yet more orange and lemon groves, and some good hotels. The town is very small and is centred around its sandy beach. There are a few shops and restaurants, but Beldibi is a very laidback place.


Goynuk is located is six kilometres north of Kemer and is a popular holiday resort. You'll find three, four and five-star hotels, numerous restaurants, bars and shops. Buses run from Goynuk to Antalya and Kemer, giving tourists the chance to explore.


The small mountain village of Beycik is twenty-three kilometres southwest of Kemer, and has breathtaking views of Tahtali Mountain and the sea. Beycik is the ideal location for anyone looking for privacy, but it is ideally located near Tekirova, for beach and shops. Six hundred metres above sea level, Beycik is popular with asthmatics due to its clean air.


The historic Olympos is thirty-eight kilometres southwest of Kemer. There are many historical ruins to see here, but you will need a tour guide as the city is covered with thick undergrowth. Situated in a valley, the city of Olympos is centred around a stream that flows into the sea.


Cirali is thirty kilometres southwest of Kemer and neighbours Olympos. It is a popular destination thanks to its proximity to Olympos and Chimera. Along the shoreline and among the citrus groves there are campsites, which attract many tourists. However, unlike other resorts in the area, Cirali is not as crowded; in fact the Cirali beach is protected for the breeding of Caretta Caretta turtles.


Thirty kilometres southwest of Kemer, Adrasan has two kilometres of sandy beach, surrounded by pine forests. Fishing is one of the main activities in the Bay of Adrasan, which also provides a natural shelter for fishing boats. Along the shore you will find some small hotels and some fishing restaurants serving the daily catch. Tour boats depart from Adrasan and visit the ancient city of Olympos, Genoese Bays, Sazaka and Suluada. It is said the twenty-five metre deep waters of Adrasan bay are so crystal clear that you can actually see the bottom.

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Until the 80s Kemer was a quiet district in the countryside. Today, it's a vital part of the Antalya region's tourism infrastructure, with visitors tending to come from the UK, Russia, the Netherlands and Germany. The population explodes over summer, more than tripling in number. Over the winter months it's much quieter.
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Kemer's natural beauty brings tourists from far and wide. With very little rain over the spring and summer months, it's a lovely place to be. Winter sees a high rainfall but temperatures remain mild.

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