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Kas Sunset
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Kas Summary
Where is Kas?
Kas is a small fishing and yachting village 168 kilometres west of Antalya City. Known as Turkey's best-kept secret, Kas remains untouched by mass tourism, helped by the fact that it is two hours from Dalaman Airport and three hours from Antalya. It's actually the main township in the area but tourists tend to head to the better-known Kalkan, twenty minutes away.

Why buy a property in Kas?
Those who do venture to Kas find a calm, picturesque town nestling between the Mediterranean and the Taurus Mountains. Five-hundred metre high hills protect it from the northerly winter winds. This is the most southerly of Turkish resorts and it enjoys long hot summer days and mild winters.

Because it is hilly, your Kas property will have panoramic sea views. The town is bohemian and you'll meet artists, writers and musicians attracted by the area's arty reputation. People come here for privacy and anonymity.

What is there to do in Kas?
Kas has two pebbly beaches, but no sandy shore. However, there are several jetties and piers that lead to the Mediterranean waters. The well-known nature reserve Patara Beach is officially part of Kas, which is an area of wonderful scenery, fascinating history, abundant and varied wildlife and a gorgeous climate.

There is many water sports to enjoy in Kas, whether you enjoy jet-skiing, diving, or canoeing, Kas has it all for you. People in Kas enjoy water excursions and there is an abundance of sea life.

Overall impression of Kas:
Many potential Kas property buyers, viewing websites covering Kas properties for sale, are tempted by favourable prices in Cerciler and Gokseki districts of Kas. There is, however, one major catch, which we are duty-bound to point out. The districts of Cerciler and Village of Gokseki do not have habitation licences, which means foreign buyers are not be able to register legal title. Having no legal title in an area without habitation licence may compromise your rights in the future. Should planning laws in the future change and say a public road designed through part of your plot, your case against loss of your land may not be as solid. Please note that properties on Kas Peninsula are perfectly safe with legal titles and appropriate planning laws in place.

We would also like to underline that Yenikoy district of Kas, which is a new development area, where planning is currently going through, is an exciting area to consider. Land prices are currently very affordable, but are likely to increase as developers move in following the comeback of the market, which we anticipate will happen toward the end of 2010. Therefore, purely from an investment viewpoint, Yenikoy makes sense. If you are looking for privacy in the long term, Yenikoy may fail to provide due to small parcel sizes, which will indicate holiday home style developments on average plot sizes. In sharp contrast to Yenikoy, the area of Bayindir with its stunning twin island views and tranquil surroundings, is likely to develop as the choice of the more discerning home buyer. Plot sizes are 3,000sqm as minimum and there is very restricted planning in the area, which is mostly green belt with only a small part of the area open for development.

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Kas Population:
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A tourism boom in the early 90s brought many visitors to Kas, with visitors mainly from the UK and Germany. This growth in tourism accompanied an explosion in development, with many new apartment buildings built during this time. Today, Kas is home to a number of expats, especially English and European, and the population doubles over summer.
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Kas Average Temperatures
Months: Jan - March April - June July - Sep Oct - Dec
Average Temperature: 16° 24° 34° 20°

Like the rest of the Antalya region, Kas enjoys long, hot and dry summers. Winters are mild but most of the annual rainfall occurs during this time. Spring and Autumn are settled and pleasantly warm.

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