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Izmir City Main Attractions

St John's Basilica

This great Ephesian church is built over the believed burial site of the St John, the ancient apostle, evangelist and prophet. Legend has it that St John wrote the Gospel of John in Ephesus, at the request of the other disciples. Later legends mai ... read more

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Kusadasi International Golf Resort

Kusadasi International Golf Resort will open in May 2010 and aims to offer a challenging fairway for advanced players, while also allowing a good part of the green to cater to all levels. Just 15 kilometres from Kusadasi, the course will cater fo ... read more

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Shrine to the Virgin Mary

Located on the top of Mount Bulbul, nine kilometres from Ephesus, the Shrine of the Virgin Mary is hidden in a green and peaceful spot. It is said to be the place where Mary passed her last days, and it's thought she came with Saint John, who cam ... read more

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Ancient city of Notion

This is your chance to see an excavation in progress. Located on top of a hill by Ahmetbeyli Beach, the city covers a large area over two hills. The settlement dates back to the sixth century BC. During the Peloponnasian wars in the fifth century ... read more

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Wining and dining in Izmir

Head down to the Alsancak at the waterfront for a night out. You'll find all kind of bars and restaurants there. And if you're a music lover, you'll be able to find live rock, jazz, hip hop and more. ... read more

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Izmir's delicious kumru

A warm sandwich may not sound so special, but this Izmir speciality is absolutely delicious and you will have great trouble tracking one down anywhere else in Turkey. You can buy Kumru from street sellers, who stuff the warm bread with grilled cheese ... read more

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Kemeralti Bazaar

This is enormous bazaar is over 400 years old. If you enjoy shopping, you can wile away half a day there, getting lost in the labyrinthine twists and turns. Visitors tend to enjoy the markets more than Istanbul's, as it's less aggressive and slightly ... read more

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Izmir International Fair

Held in Kulturpark, this summer fair is the oldest tradeshow in Turkey, and is accompanied by musical and cultural events. The latter events came first, with the tradeshow as an extra. Over the years, however, the tradeshow's popularity grew and now ... read more

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This is Izmir's centre of art and culture - and it also has an amusement park. Wander round the green spaces and see many different kinds of trees and plants from all over the world, or take a spin on a pedalo on the lake. There's also a 3000-capaci ... read more

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Teleferik cable car

The Teleferik cable car carries passengers 423 metres above sea level for a beautiful view of Izmir. If you have some money to spend, have a wander around the gift shops and a cup of coffee at the cafe. ... read more

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Internationally-renowned Ephesus is like an open-air museum. Formerly an impressive ancient city, much of it has been preserved so visitors can experience its breathtaking grandeur. Ephesus has had a number of functions, and each one has been cru ... read more

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The Velvet Castle

Kadifekale means 'the velvet castle', and is the name of both the fortress and the hill on which it stands. Built in the fourth century BC, the walls are well preserved, with examples of Ottoman, Byzantine and Roman art on view. The vista from the a ... read more

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Izmir's elevator

This was built by a Jewish businessman in 1907 to help residents reach the districts on top of the hill. It originally operated with a water-driven mechanism but was later attached to the electric grid. There is a restaurant up the top with stunning ... read more

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Konak Square

Famous for its clock tower, Konak Square is a popular gathering place for the locals. The clock tower was built in 1901, and is considered a symbol of the city. While you're visiting the square, check out the Konak yali Mosque and Kemeralti Bazaar. ... read more

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Beaches around Izmir

You won't find a beach at the city centre, but you can take a dolmus to many nearby swimming spots. Try Foca, Dikili, Urla, Seferihisar, or Cesme. ... read more

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