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Istanbul City Centre: Hotel UnderSea
Istanbul City Centre: Hotel UnderSea
Istanbul City Centre: View from Castle
Istanbul City Centre Obelisk
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Istanbul city centre Summary
Wandering around the heart of Istanbul, you'll discover a place where modern life and the ancient world meet. Explore the mosques, bazaars, museums and palaces to your heart's content. When the sun goes down, there is nightlife to suit everybody. A modern, vibrant city with an ancient heart, Istanbul has something for everyone.

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Istanbul City Centre Average Property Prices:
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Istanbul City Centre Population:
Off Peak:
3300000 Peak:

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Istanbul City Centre Average Temperatures
Months: Jan - March April - June July - Sep Oct - Dec
Average Temperature: 20° 26° 10°

Istanbul's summers are hot and long, and the winters cold and wet, with snow sometimes falling in January. Expect the unexpected when it comes to Istanbul's weather. Spring, early summer and autumn are the most pleasant times of the year, when the temperature is pleasant enough to stroll around the city all day long.

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