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Istanbul Asian Property Guide

The Asian side of Istanbul is home to some of the most established districts of the city such as Uskudar and Kadikoy. Istanbul Asian side would not be our natural choice for a holiday home in Istanbul, not least because it would take one nearly an hour in dense traffic to get home from either of Istanbul's two main airports.

Prestigious districts along the Bosphorus will always appreciate in value and deliver strong rental income, making this side of the city prime for investment property.

If you are a city person and looking for a colourful and cultured city to live in, then look no further than Kadikoy, Bagdat Caddesi, Uskudar or Dragos on Istanbul's Asian side for your permanent home in Istanbul.

Holiday Homes in Istanbul Asian Rating:4/10
Investment Property in Istanbul Asian Rating:8/10
Permanent Homes in Istanbul Asian Rating:6/10

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