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Too Late For BitCoin But Right On Time For Turkey's Banks

Is there anyone here who has not heard of BitCoin? If not, you should check it out right now, interesting concept, a reality built over a total non-reality if I may. However, since it was introduced, its Dollar value keeps on increasing. Yes, BitCoin could be the new currency in a troubled system. Having said that, it seems some seriously savvy investors would rather put their money in Turkey's banks and Turkish real estate than BitCoin. Despite the graph! We ask why... .... read more


Investing in Turkey Real Estate, Meat or Just Stuffing?

Place Overseas asks the question - is investing in real estate in Turkey the real McCoy or just stuffing for Christmas Turkey. Will it pay off in the long run to put your money in bricks and mortar in Turkey - Is Turkey property the real meat. Well find out for yourselves... .... read more


GCC news says Smart Real Estate Investors Are Pouring Into Turkey

Place Overseas quotes GCC news in an article about real estate in Turkey - smart money is pouring into Turkey according to GCC. Are we surprised? Not at all, investors should wake up and smell the coffee, Euro zone is on its knees, Turkey is fast emerging as the best alternative investment destination .... read more


Fitch Ratings upgrade Turkey to investment grade

A well declining government debt, low near-term economy risks, a good banking system, good medium-term growth prospects, and a wealthy economy. These were just some of the reasons mentioned by Fitch Ratings who today upgraded the Turkish economy rating to investment grade. .... read more


Nick Clegg:

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is heading a delegation to Turkey that is aiming to reinforce diplomatic and business relationships. .... read more


Why investing in Turkey will pay off in the long run

Turkish economy has been one of the best performing over the past decade. .... read more


Bank to invest 1 billion euros in Turkey in 2013

The EBRD is cashing in on Turkey's economic prosperity. .... read more


Turkey Black Sea marine areas to be protected

An EU-supported project is set to take action to protect a number of areas long on the Black Sea. .... read more


Russian tourists to Turkey poised to overtake Germans

Russians will soon take Turkey's number one tourist spot. .... read more


Rich buyers poised to make property strike ahead of bill

Wealthy buyers from the Middle East are queuing up to buy property in Turkey. .... read more


New Turkish initiative to bring more investments to Turkey

Turkish Minister of Economy Zafer Caglayan has revealed that the recent Turkish initiative to gain more investments to Turkey from the USA by helping in the investment process as much as possible is set to work, with more investment proposals between the USA and Turkey on the horizon. .... read more


Turkey economy second fastest growing in the world

Turkey flourishing economy continues to show stellar growth as statistics released showed that Turkey had the second largest growing economy in the world in 2011, behind only China. .... read more


Time to invest in Turkey

The head of the official investment agency in Turkey has said that now is the prime time for investors to look to Turkey for investments .... read more


Turkey wants more investors

According to the head of the official investment agency of Turkey, Turkey aims for 2012 to at least match the total amount of Foreign Direct Investment that Turkey achieved in 2011. .... read more


Turkey growth domestic product grows 8.2 percent

Statistics released by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) have revealed that Turkey’s gross domestic product (GDP) has grown by 8.2 percent in the third quarter period of July to September this year. .... read more


German, British, and Dutch investors top list of international investors in Turkey

Official data from the Economy Ministry has shown that there are now more than 28,500 foreign companies active in Turkey and investing in Turkey. .... read more


Unemployment in Turkey down

There are now more than 24 million people in Turkey who are securely employed as the unemployment rate in Turkey falls once again. .... read more


First Syriac Christian church in Istanbul

Officials have approved the construction of the first Syriac Christian church in Istanbul. .... read more


Turkish Prime Minister says investing in Turkey will lead to profit guaranteed

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stated that countries that trade with Turkey and anyone who invests their money in to Turkey will definitely gain and succeed in Turkey’s prospering market. .... read more


Chinese billionaires looking to invest in Turkey

Members of the Kingdom Club of China are currently in Turkey looking to invest in several different areas in Turkey. .... read more

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