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Gulluk Summary
The fishing town Gulluk has retained its authentic feel. As it's a fair distance from Bodrum Town, the village is a quiet and tranquil place, untouched by mass tourism.

Gulluk translates to 'a place of roses', which is somewhat a misnomer as there are not many roses. However, there are plenty of orange, almond and olive trees. A Gulluk factory produces olive oil that is sold all over the European Union.

Gulluk's old port is a centre for trade, and there are rumours a new port will be built. There are many fish farms in the town, where sea bass, sea bream and caviar are produced. These too, are exported around Europe, but some remain in the town for the benefit of anyone dining at the excellent fish restaurants.

Those who choose to live a tranquil lifestyle often buy property in Gulluk. There are a few expats who have taken up residence here, especially Brits and Germans, but they tend to keep quiet about their find!

There's an excellent market here where you can buy all manner of goods, and there are a number of good restaurants. Over the winter months it becomes very quiet here, so it's a good place for those who like their life peaceful, but may not be so good for those with children.

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Gulluk Average Temperatures
Months: Jan - March April - June July - Sep Oct - Dec
Average Temperature: 12° 23° 31° 18°

Gulluk experiences long, hot summers with very little rain. Over the winter months the village will receive most of its annual rainfall ? this is the price you pay for your long summers. But it never really gets cold and you?ll find you can swim in Gulluk's waters most of the year round.

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