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The Gulf of Gokova
The Gulf of Gokova
Gokova is one of Turkey's premiere Boater routes
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Gokova Summary
The principal town on the gulf, Gokova's roots lie in farming. In ancient times, the city of Idyma was sited here and the remains of the once-striking acropolis still perch on the hilltop, overlooking the town. Carian tombs dating back to the fourth century BC are also dotted around, lending an ancient feel to this sleepy, rural town.

Stroll around the quiet streets to seek out the many old buildings that make up the town.

There are some amazing walks around the area, ranging from a thirty-minute stroll to strenuous, multiple-day hikes.

Gokova is also famous for ts annual oil wrestling competition. Wrestlers travel from all over the country to cover themselves in oil and wrestle their opponents to the ground.

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