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Gokcebel Property Guide

Sleepy Gokcebel is popular with nature lovers who enjoy a quiet retreat. It doesn't have too many facilities at the moment, but this may change as, along with the rest of the peninsula, the area grows in popularity. If you like a secluded area with good links to nearby villages, Gokcebel would be a good place for a permanent home, although it's probably a little far to schools or hospitals if you need these facilities regularly.

Gokcebel's a good spot for a holiday home if you don't need much in the way of nightlife, and just enjoy hitting the beach, hiking and other outdoor pursuits. Bodrum Town and the airport is just a bus ride away. There is much potential for development here so a Gokcebel investment property is also a strong option, but it would be a long-term investment.

Holiday Homes in Gokcebel Rating:7/10
Investment Property in Gokcebel Rating:7/10
Permanent Homes in Gokcebel Rating:6/10

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