German, British, and Dutch investors top list of international investors in Turkey

  Date posted: 11th of May 2012

Official data from the Economy Ministry has shown that there are now more than 28,500 foreign companies active in Turkey and investing in Turkey.

The report found that Germany is the top ranked country with 4,688 German companies operating in Turkey, making Germany the number one country of investors that are looking to the Turkish market. The next ranked country was the United Kingdom with 2,345 companies in Turkey followed by the Netherlands which have 1,981 companies operating in the investment rich Turkey.

According to the data, the best sectors to invest in Turkey and the sectors in which most foreign investors had chosen to put their money included Turkey’s wholesale and retail sectors, manufacturing industries, and real estate market. 8,722 companies have business in the wholesale and retail sectors in Turkey, while 4,669 foreign companies are active in the manufacturing industry, and 4,582 foreign firms are competing in Turkey’s real estate sector.

Turkey is currently an investment rich nation, with businesses and investors from all over the globe flocking to invest. The potential for a good return on investment is maximised over other nations. The potential to make money is driving more and more people and will continue to grow in the future.