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Turkey gives one year residence permit on property purchase

Effective April 2013, if you buy real estate in Turkey you will automatically receive residence permit for one full year. This is great news for those looking for anew country of residence whether for tax reasons or for simply relocation. It is one of several steps taken by the Turkish government to ease up residency in Turkey and also encourage foreign direct investment particularly acquisition of Turkish properties by foreign nationals as investments and second homes. .... read more


Turkey to build luxury Turkish flag shaped island

Renowned Turkish architect Metin Hepguler has revealed plans to build an extravagant Turkish flag shaped artificial island. .... read more


Brits, Saudis and Azeris spend up large in Turkey

Tourists from these three countries spent the most in Turkey during the first four months of this year. .... read more


Turkey to build train that will travel from Istanbul to Ankara in 1 hour 30 minutes

Turkey has announced new plans to build a fast train that will link between Istanbul and Ankara and allow people to travel between the two cities in just 90 minutes. .... read more


German White Goods company to make Turkey international hub

Global German white goods and home appliances company BSH is to make their Turkey office the international hub for more than 30 countries worldwide. .... read more


Turkey to drop Euro bid and focus on 2020 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee has stated that Turkey must drop their bid to host Euro 2020 if they want any chance to host the Olympics in 2020. .... read more


Mobile phones in Turkey more popular than ever

Mobile phones in Turkey are more popular than ever, as more than 30 million people in Turkey now own a mobile phone that has access to a 3G network. .... read more


Life in Bodrum for the bookmaker

Bodrum is widely known as the St. Tropez of Turkey, stylish and sophisticated yet charming and laid back at the same time. The chic, cosmopolitan lifestyle in Bodrum attracts a plethora of interesting and intellectual characters. People in Bodrum simply love Bodrum! .... read more


Istanbul is high on Ambition, FT looks at Istanbul Property Market

The FT focuses on ambitious Istanbul Real Estate market about to build Europes tallest tower .... read more


Turkey safe for foreign investors according to Deputy Prime Minister

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister, Ali Babacan, has stated that Turkey is a safe haven for foreign investors to put their money and enjoy huge profits. .... read more


Foreign students in Turkey

There are now officially 26,000 foreign students now studying in Turkish universities from a total of 147 countries. .... read more


Turkey and the United States to turn Istanbul into a global finance hub

Turkey and the United States have made an agreement which will see Istanbul turned into a global finance hub. .... read more


Global supermarket chain Tesco to invest in Turkey

Global grocery retailer based from the United Kingdom, Tesco, are considering investing in more local retail chains in Turkey according to a top executive. .... read more


Sunday Times Morocco v Turkey property by Zoe Dare Hall

With no end in sight for the eurozone crisis, British buyers should look further afield for sun. We weigh up two exotic options, Property in Turkey v Morocco .... read more


Turkey and Japan to build new historic motorway and bridge between Izmir and Istanbul

Turkey and Japan have decided to team together to build the longest bridge in Turkey and motorway that will stretch from Izmir to Istanbul. .... read more


Turkey looking for greater ties with Egypt

Turkey is expected to hold talks with Egypt with regard to developing greater economic and strategic ties between the two countries. .... read more


Turkey officially one of the top innovative export countries

The global innovation index has placed turkey in 11th place out of 125 countries for innovative product exports. .... read more


Turkey confirm 2020 Olympic bid

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has formerly announced that Istanbul is to bid to host the 2020 Olympic Games. .... read more


Turkey does not need the EU

American expats living in Turkey have stated that with the stronger economy in Turkey, Turkey does not need to join the EU. .... read more


Turkish Prime Minister: Turkey safe from Europe crisis

With the whole of Europe facing a crisis over the weakening Euro, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has come out to say that Turkey won’t be affected by the economic issues facing Europe. .... read more

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