Foreign companies increase investment in Turkey market

  Date posted: 11th of May 2012

According to a top executive of an international agency, foreign companies are becoming more and more interested in Turkish fair and exhibition market.

Steve Monnington, founder of Mayfield Media Strategies, said: “Merger and acquisition interest in foreign companies started about three years ago and has been steadily increasing.” Monnington added that international companies are looking to the Turkish market to acquire stakes in local firms in Turkey because of the prosperous state of Turkey at the moment.

Monnington noted the recent deal that saw Tarsus, the third largest international exhibition organiser in Dubai purchase 75 percent of the shares of Istanbul Fair Organisation (IFO). Monnington said: “They will also make further acquisitions in Turkey.” IFO is currently one of the top organisers of elevator and recycling processes in Turkey. It is thought that Tarsus will use IFO as a platform for investments in Turkey and as a gateway to launch its brands into the market.

Thailand company UBM also invested in the Turkish market, acquiring 65 percent of Turkey’s Rotaforte last year while the United Kingdom’s Clarion Events bought Survey Turkey. Monnington said: “In all cases these partnerships have created synergies between the Turkish events and the events already run by the international organiser.”

Monnington concluded: “There are a number of potential deals active at the moment and we expect two or three more to be completed by the end of the year. Turkey’s exhibition market will be more or less fully internationalised by the end of 2012. Money is increasingly being spent in Turkey; one of the markets on everybody’s list that can be described as a hot market.”

With Turkey currently being described as a hot market, there has never been a better time for people to invest. Global businesses can see the benefit of investing in Turkey and more businesses than ever are moving to Turkey or acquiring business.

The same can be said for real estate in Turkey. The market is a hot market and people are buying to reap the rewards that can be gained. Whether its businesses or a holiday home, the markets are strong. A wise investment is hard to come by in the current economic climate, but Turkey offers that wise investment that so many other countries do not.