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Fethiye town by night
Fethiye town by night
Fethiye Town and marina
Fethiye King Tombs carved in Mountains
Fethiye Old Town
Fethiye Town
Fethiye Town Shopping Market
Sovalye Island in the Gulf of Fethiye
Fethiye Town in Night
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Fethiye town Summary
Fethiye Town was once a small fishing village and traditional market town, and even today the town has managed to preserve its authentic charm. Fethiye is a true Mediterranean town, with rustic appeal and laid back locals. The town is popular for mature expats looking for a quiet, traditional lifestyle in their Fethiye apartments and villas.

The demographic of Fethiye Town is getting younger, giving the town a lively, prosperous feel. However, the town retains an almost small-town atmosphere, where everyone knows everyone else and there's a strong sense of community. In this respect Fethiye Town is perfect for those with families.

Fethiye Town is spread along its harbour. Its marina hosts races and water sports. It is a flat town, suitable for those pushing wheelchairs or prams. Fethiye town is a classic Mediterranean working town, which does not rely purely on tourism. It is an ideal retreat for those looking for a permanent home in Turkey.

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Fethiye Town Average Temperatures
Months: Jan - March April - June July - Sep Oct - Dec
Average Temperature: 13° 25° 35° 17°

Fethiye experiences long, hot summers with little or no rain. The winters are short and mild, and most of the rainfall is concentrated over these cooler months. The winter never gets very cold, so Fethiye makes an excellent year-round holiday destination.

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