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Faralya seafront
Faralya seafront
Faralya village and seafront stretch near Oludeniz
Faralya village some 500 metres above sea level
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Faralya Summary
Where is Faralya?
An unspoilt nature reserve, Faralya seafront is a mere 10 minute boat drive from Oludeniz beach, the blue lagoon and the hilltop village of Faralya is some 20 minutes by car from Hisaronu and Ovacik.

The coastline, is mainly rocky and rugged, however, there are small stretches of sandy beaches in little inlets. The nearest towns are Hisaronu, Ovacik and Oludeniz, which are about 10-20 minutes by car.

Why buy a property in Faralya?
Property in Faralya is hard to come by, however, cherished by nature-lovers. There are several plots in Faralya seafront with residential planning permission, however, they are mostly commercial plots suitable for small hotel projects.

Overall impression of Faralya:
Generally speaking no construction company will move into Faralya because they are not allowed to build villas / apartments for commercial sale, justifying their investment in land. The area is protected. There are very fine and limited exceptions, such as building a one-off 'home' utilizing only 5% of available plot for planning. We utilize this 5% on a large land size to build individual custom-made homes, which will stay unique and exclusive for a very long time. This helps preserve the beauty and natural attributes of this stunning area as well as provide private homes for those, who do not want to join others in authentic resorts such as Kalkan, Kas, Gocek. There are rare but similar areas along the Turkish Mediterranean coastline, where these idyllic get-aways still exist, Sovalye Island off the coast of Fethiye, a small idyllic place, on boaters' route, otherwise cut off from the mainland, Bayindir area of Kas, where total planning is around 70,000m2, and several stretches in the Gulf of Gokova such as Bozburun, orhaniye, Gokova.

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Faralya Average Property Prices:
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Faralya Population:
Off Peak:
800 Peak:

Faralya is a relatively unknown part of Fethiye and as yet unaffected by mass-tourism.
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Faralya Average Temperatures
Months: Jan - March April - June July - Sep Oct - Dec
Average Temperature: 12° 25° 34° 16°

Being exposed to the Mediterranean breeze, there is always a chilling breeze coming in from the Med.

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