Europe's largest aquarium

Explore the ocean's hidden depths ... in Istanbul!
Explore the ocean's hidden depths ... in Istanbul!

Ever wanted to know what it's like to walk along the bottom of the ocean? Well, now you can find out - without the need of wetsuits and diving equipment!

Europe's largest aquarium is located at the giant Forum Istanbul, one of Europe's biggest shopping centres. The incredible Turkuazoo mega aquarium includes a rainforest area, flooded forest, tropical sea zones, jellyfish area and a predator tank.

You can even experience what it's like to be under the sea, making eye contact with mysterious and sometimes dangerous creatures of the deep, as you walk along the ninety-metre long underwater tunnel.

The aquarium is home to a staggering twenty-five thousand sea creatures, including a 2.5 metre tiger shark. If you're feeling really brave - or just foolish - you can even swim and dive with the aquarium residents.

Admission: TL 25 for adults, TL 18 for students and seniors over the age of 65. Free for children under 4.

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