EU the right choice for Turkey?

  Date posted: 19th of September 2012

Turkey’s European Union Minister Egemen Bagis said the country’s bid to join the EU was 'the right choice'.  Speaking at a reception in Istanbul on Tuesday, Bagis said that Turkey is no longer the country who first applied to the EEC in 1959.

"Sometimes I feel that I am trying to convince a nation who wants but also has doubts about joining a union which says it wants that nation as a member but also has doubts about accepting it. But I know that it is the right choice," he said.

“When Turkey becomes an EU member, it will not be the country which it is today. And in the same manner, Europe is not what it was in 1959, and it will not certainly be what it is today when Turkey will be ready for the big rendezvous," Bagis said.

The statement comes hot on the heels of Turkey’s economy minister Zafer Caglayan’s claim that “the day will come when Brussels will beg Turkey to become a member.”

"The EU is still giving us the cold shoulder, although Turkey, unlike most EU countries, meets the Maastricht criteria. However, the day will come when they will be begging us to join," Caglayan said in an interview with the APA news agency.

He emphasised that when that day comes, "Turkey would then decide whether to join or not".