Dining in Antalya City

There is an huge variety of restaurants in Antalya.
There is an huge variety of restaurants in Antalya.


A basic Turkish breakfast includes tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, olives, bread, salami, jam and an egg. Yes, that's right - that's a basic breakfast. Other delicacies include pastries. There are a number of good breakfast eateries dotted around the city - try Kaleici, the old town, for an authentic experience.


If you're still a little full from breakfast, grab a lamb doner, a meatball sandwich (kofte ekmek) or sardine sandwich (balik ekmek) on the run. After all, you've got plenty to see in the city - why sit down for lunch? If you want something more substantial take your lead from the locals and head to one of the many ek yemekleri (home cooking restaurant) where for next to nothing you will get four dishes - for example, soup, salad, a main dish and a vegetable dish.

If you don't want to venture away from the seaside, you can also flag down one of the vendors on Antalya Beach. Vendors wander up and down here selling such delicacies as simrits (a little like a pretzel), corn on the cob and midi (mussels stuffed with rice).

Afternoon tea

Head to one of the charming restaurants in Kaleici, the old town, for a coffee. Turkish coffee is like espresso. it's common to take it with lots of sugar.


As with most places on the Mediterranean coastline, Antalya is a fantastic place for a seafood dinner. A typical fish dinner won't break the bank and the fish is as fresh as it comes. Most seafood places allow you to pick the fish that you'd like for dinner.

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