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Didim: The Caprice Thermal Palace
Didim: The Caprice Thermal Palace
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Temple of Apollo
Ruins near Apollo Temple
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Didim Summary
Where is Didim?
Didim is located in Turkey's southeast, in the Aegean region. The closest cities to Didim are Izmir, 160 kilometres north, Antalya, 450 kilometres southwest, and the Bodrum Peninsula, ninety kilometres to the South.

Didim does not have its own airport; Bodrum's is the closest. During the off-peak season you may find that flights do not fly directly to Bodrum and you may need to travel via Istanbul. However, you may find a few direct flights to Izmir Airport, which is the second closest airport after Bodrum.

Why buy property in Didim?
Didim's landscape in the built-up areas is mostly flat, ideal for those with wheelchairs or prams. The level land means sea views are not a common feature of properties, unless, of course, you buy a seafront property. Forty-five thousand people live in Didim, but during the peak season this number almost triples.

Didim's summers are hot, but a gentle breeze from the Aegean Sea eases the heat. During the winter Didim closes down and you won't find much sign of life here.

Because Didim is small, it doesn't offer the diversity of other towns and cities. However, parts of Didim are well-suited to certain requirements. For example, Akbuk is perfect for those looking for a relaxing area, Altinkum is good for anyone wanting an exciting night out, as well as being good for families, and Didim Town is perfect for those hoping for history and tradition.


The eastern half of Didim Peninsula is mountainous and bare, and not many people live there. The best land is centred in the middle of the peninsula, around the town of Datca. The western part of the peninsula is also mountainous, with peaks soaring above 1000 metres in places, but towards the south of the western side there is an expanse of arable land that stretches to the coast. On this land there are five villages, known collectively as Betce.

At the western tip of the peninsula you will find Cape Deyeboynu. The Cape is connected to the mainland by a spit.

At the peninsula's eastern end you will find Bencik Cove, from where there are spectacular views of the two gulfs in the north and the south. Small boats often moor here.
The north coast has vast beaches, and the south has rocky coasts.

The peninsula is famed for its constant winds, and you'll see a great many windmills in the area.

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Didim Average Temperatures
Months: Jan - March April - June July - Sep Oct - Dec
Average Temperature: 12° 22° 28° 10°

The Didim area enjoys hot summers, but they are shorter than in other parts of the coast. The winters are cool and wet and Didim empties of tourists during this season.

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