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Didim Main Attractions

Altinkum Aqua Park

This large water park is set on a hill just outside Altinkum. Since its completion in 2004, it has proved to be very popular. It's a good place to escape the summer heat, and of course, children love this kind of activity. ... read more

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Internationally-renowned Ephesus is like an open-air museum. Formerly an impressive ancient city, much of it has been preserved so visitors can experience its breathtaking grandeur. Ephesus has had a number of functions, and each one has been cru ... read more

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Ancient city of Miletus

Miletus was an important Ionian city for 1400 years until 700 AD. One of the Seven Sages of Greece, 'the founder of science' Thales of Miletus made his contributions in the fields of geometry and astronomy here in the fifth century BC. It is also fam ... read more

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Altinkum's beaches

The area's three golden-sand beaches make a good place to relax and enjoy water sports. The beaches are suitable for the whole family. There are a number of cafes and restaurants dotted around for when you need a break from the sun. ... read more

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Lake Bafa

This lake was once part of the Aegean Sea, until the passage gradually closed over time. The northern shore of the lake is virtually untouched and covered with wild olive trees. Around the lake you can see around 250 varieties of birds, and it's a fa ... read more

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Turkish Riviera, aka the Turquoise Coast

The Turkish Riviera, also known as the Turquoise Coast, covers south west Turkey, stretching from east of Alanya in the Mediterranean coast of Turkey to Cesme in the Aegean coast of Turkey, to the north of the well known tourist resort of Bodrum. Tur ... read more

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Temple of Apollo

This ancient temple is an impressive sight. The ruined columns point up to the sky, a reminder of the romance between Apollo and Daphne. The original temple, home to an oracle, was destroyed in the Persian wars. The one you can see today was rebuilt ... read more

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Didim's nightlife

Didim has a few discos, bars and clubs with live music, mostly Turkish folk music. However, because it is mostly a quiet family resort, any party animals will do better to travel to nearby Bodrum. Here in Didim, evenings are passed sitting on a balco ... read more

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Altinkum boat trips

During the summer season, (which in Altinkum is May to October) boat trips tour the Aegean coast. There is even a trip to the spectacular Greek Island of Kos. The local tour operators are expected to extend their tours to other Greek islands in the n ... read more

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Akbuk's natural beauty

With encompassing hills and forest, spectacular sunsets, clear blue waters of the Aegean sea, and clean beaches, Akbuk is a very scenic place. However, a truly hidden gem of a beach is Haydar, reached from a dirt road around the coast. It's a smaller ... read more

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