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Datca Village is in a sunsoaked spot by the sea.
Datca Village is in a sunsoaked spot by the sea.
Datca Beach is known for its white sand and clear waters.
Take a cruise and see Datca from the sea.
The sun sets over Datca.
Datca - windmills, sea and sunshine.
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Datca Summary
Where is Datca?
Datca is in western Turkey, in the Aegean region. The closest towns and cities are Marmaris, seventy kilometres to the northeast; Fethiye, 200 kilometres to the east and Bodrum, 250 kilometres to the northwest.

The closest airport to Datca is Dalaman Airport, around 160 kilometres away. An all-year international airport, you can fly direct from many UK airports.

Why buy a property in Datca?
The Datca region is home to around 15,000 people, but during the summer month this swells to 50,000.

The weather is very warm in the summer, but has low humidity and high oxygen levels. Below you can see a table showing temperatures throughout the year.

Overall impression of Datca:
Datca's warm summers are bearable due to the low humidity, and the region sits around twenty seven degrees. However, the temperature has been known to creep up to more than thirty degrees. Winter in Datca starts in late October and lasts until early April, with temperatures varying from 11 to 15 degrees. Light showers are to be expected in spring and autumn.

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Datca Average Temperatures
Months: Jan - March April - June July - Sep Oct - Dec
Average Temperature: 11° 24° 30° 14°

Datca has a sub-tropical climate with long summers and mild, rainy winters. It's a great region for spending time outside, all year long, whether you're enjoying water sports in the summer or hiking in the winter months. The weather can be unsettled as autumn turns to winter.

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