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Calis beach in Early Morning
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Calis Summary
Where is Calis?
Calis is a small town with considerable charm. The flat land makes it extremely easy to get around, particularly for those with wheelchairs or pushchairs, although the flatness generally means that Calis properties do not have sea views. Calis is a 5 minute drive to Fethiye, and just 38 km from Dalaman International Airport. Calis is relatively easy for holidaymakers and property owners to come and go when they please. There is also plenty of transport for those who wish to sample the more vibrant lifestyle in Fethiye Town.

Why buy a property in Calis?
This small town has a distinctly British feel, and is popular with retirees. Calis' year-round lifestyle is aided by its long summer and proximity to Fethiye town centre, where residents can find whatever they need. It's a bustling place and even over the winter there's plenty to do and many people to meet - especially along the promenade, where couples enjoy a Saturday afternoon post-prandial stroll.

Calis is a favourite among expats who have set up home and made Calis their own; the 300 days of summer per year mean that life is easy in Calis. With temperatures averaging around 37 degrees in summer and 17 degrees in winter, Calis can offer a plethora of sunshine to those who wish to retire in the sun and enjoy life relaxing in a comfortable environment. For people looking to buy a permanent home in Turkey, Calis really does tick all the boxes.

What is there to do in Calis?
A half-hour walk or five-minute drive takes you to nearby Fethiye, or you may prefer to take the fifteen-minute water taxi ride, and enjoy the cool sea breeze along the way.

Calis Beach offers stunning views with beautiful sunsets that will leave you in awe at the views you can experience. Plenty of people take advantage of this by enjoying late night strolls on the beach, feeling the sand in your toes as the sun goes down is a truly amazing experience. The Calis sunset is known worldwide as one of the best sunsets in the world and is a must for any tourist in Calis to see.

There are also lots of restaurants and bars lining the beachfront providing entertainment for you while you are in Calis.

Overall impression of Calis:
Calis is perfect for those who wish to settle in Turkey and relax and enjoy a year round good standard of living. Calis is in a good location with easy links to more busy and vibrant towns in Turkey such as Fethiye.

There are beaches, bars, and restaurants. Calis is popular amongst tourists and this is expected to continue, thus making your investment in Calis a smart investment. Should you wish to rent out your property in the summer months, you can expect 15-20 weeks of good returns on your investment in property in Calis.

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Calis Average Temperatures
Months: Jan - March April - June July - Sep Oct - Dec
Average Temperature: 13° 25° 35° 17°

Calis enjoys long, hot and dry summers. The weather is mild over the winter months, although you can expect some rain. The temperate weather makes Fethiye a great year-round destination.

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