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Calis Beaches

Olu Deniz Beach

This peninsula sits proudly in the Mediterranean and is home to one of the liveliest beaches in Turkey! It will surely seem familiar upon arrival, as you are bound to have seen it adorning the pages of many brochures, for this is also Turkey's most p ... read more

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Gemile Bay Beach

Olu Deniz can get quite hectic and commercial at times leaving you part of a huge crowd, to escape, pay a visit to the beach at Gemile Bay. The beach here is more tranquil, unspoilt and forms into a charming cove. From here you will be able to cheris ... read more

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Calis Beach

Calis beach is a smaller compared to some of the many beaches along the coast of Turkey. Nonetheless the long sandy beach that curves around the bay, make this place quite hectic, with mostly British and German tourists in the summers. Added to this ... read more

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