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Calis Main Attractions

Meis Island Turkish residency visa extensions

The Greek island of Meis (just off the coast of Kas) has become popular with the expat residents of Kas, thanks to its handy visa facilities. Expats must renew their residency visas every three months, a time-consuming process which often necessitate ... read more

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Gebeler Spa

After a hard day traipsing round ancient ruins, this spa will be a welcome relief. Some of the thermal spring's pools are fifteen metres deep, and the high levels of chlorine and sulphur are reputed to be beneficial for all sorts of ailments, from rh ... read more

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Fethiye's Hellenistic theatre

Fethiye sits upon the ancient city of Telmessos, and you can see the ruins around the city. Have a look at the Hellenistic theatre, sat by the main quay. It was built by the Romans in the second century, over the ruins of an even older Greek theatre, ... read more

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Kayakoy market

This market is the biggest in the area, and its network of noisy stalls sell just about everything imaginable. Be prepared to work hard for your bargains - stallholders expect locals and tourists alike to haggle over prices. As well as souvenirs you ... read more

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Dining in Hisaronu

If you're craving some familiar food, head down to the centre of town and pick up a pizza, a Chinese takeaway, or tuck into some Mexican food. Of course, if you want to go local there are plenty of good Turkish restaurants. ... read more

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Wining and dining in Calis

There are a number of beachfront restaurants offering views across the bay. The nightlife is quiet here but live music and even belly dancing are not unheard of. If you want more excitement, head to nearby Fethiye. ... read more

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Calis' twelve-island tour

No visit to Calis is complete without the twelve-island tour. Sail around each island in the bay, moving at a leisurely pace. You'll stop for drinks and lunch, and take in the sublime surroundings. You'll even have the opportunity to spot the tombs a ... read more

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Tlos, the home of sport

Sports fans, this one's for you. Tlos is not only the oldest residential area of Lycia, it was the seat of sport in the area. Twenty-eight kilometres from Fethiye, you can still see an acropolis, a stadium and a theatre. And it's said to be the home ... read more

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Kayakoy ghost town

Here's your chance to wander through a genuine ghost town. Kayakoy was once a Greek settlement, founded in the 14th century. After the 1923 Greco-Turkish war, a population exchange decreed that Turkish residents living in Greece would return to Turke ... read more

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Fethiye Museum

Fethiye Museum has an array of beautiful artefacts from the ancient city Telmessos - where modern-day Fethiye town now sits. Located just off the main street in the town centre, the museum houses a great number of Lycian artefacts. You can exp ... read more

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Fethiye's Loggerhead Turtles

Nature lovers visit Calis beach during the summer season to see the Loggerhead Turtles lay their eggs in the sand. You will need to get up before dawn if you want to see any action. ... read more

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Sultans Aqua City

Located in the heart of Calis, the Sultan's Aquacity is a drawcard for many tourists from Fethiye. Aside from the waterslides, there are also a few cafes scattered around this area. ... read more

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