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Bodrum real estate a new Turkish brand in the making

Place Overseas reviews Bodrum real estate market from 2002 to present day, April 2013. From oversupply to market with the financial crises of 2007 to rising of a new Turkish brand as Exclusive Bodrum Property profile. If you have not yet been to Bodrum, it is about time you say 'No' to St Tropez in favour of its prettier and much more affordable competitor in a warmer yet Mediterranean climate .... read more


Bodrum Turkey for the Jet Set says the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail UK on the prowl for celebrities in Bodrum, Turkey referring to the Peninsula as the Jet Set of mega yachts and amazing club published 5 March 2013. We look at this beautiful peninsula and take a closer focus on property in Bodrum in particular .... read more


Is Bodrum's celebrity status pricing property buyers out of the market?

Jade Jagger is the latest celebrity to realise Bodrum's potential. But what will Bodrum's rise in popularity mean for the rest of us? .... read more


New luxury resort to open in Bodrum

A new Mandarin Oriental resort is to open in the Turkish Bodrum Peninsula in 2014. .... read more


Political bigwigs hit Bodrum's Beaches

Bodrum has seen some upmarket holidaymakers recently - this week, it's Turkey's Prime Minister. .... read more


Bodrum's community going from strength to strength

Anyone contemplating a move to buy property in Bodrum will be happy to know the expat community there is about to grow even stronger. .... read more

You are viewing results 1 to 6 of 6 1 
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